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Our top tips to keep moving house stress free

Top Tips for moving house

Moving house can be a chaotic event; it’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible for the move. Here at  LiveWest New Homes,  we’ve compiled a list of tips for moving house, to help ensure this runs smoothly.

1. Hire a Professional Removal Company

Why create more work for yourself? Hiring a removal company can really help, and you’d be surprised what professional movers can do for you.

2. Pack as Early as Possible

Yes, we all know that packing can take time. Once you have a moving date confirmed, it’s best to get the ball rolling. It makes more sense to pack items that you don’t use very much, to begin with, and leave the important use everyday items until the end.

3. Declutter

Moving is a great opportunity to have a really good clear out and declutter, and make room for the new house. There’s no point in moving things you don’t use or need, if you haven’t used something in two years, get rid of it!  If you’re keen to recycle, then donating your old clothes or furniture or to charity is a great way to recycle too!

4. Get box ready

You are going to need boxes… And lots of them! There are a huge variety of boxes you can get from removal companies. You will also need strong tape, bubble wrap, labels and marker pens. Labelling boxes are so important to know what’s inside them and including what rooms they are for.

9. Take Photos

Photographing how wires connect to your electrical appliances is a really handy tip to help you get set up at the new house and a great way to keep track of what goes where!

10. Update your Address

A good idea is to make a list of all the companies that you need to notify of your Change your address, including the most important and obvious like the Bank, doctors, dentist at least a couple of weeks before your move date, of course, you can also set up a mail divert with Royal mail  for a small fee.

11. One final check

It’s always a good idea to go round your old property before shutting the door one last time, checking cupboards, garages, sheds, to ensure you can check if you’ve left anything behind.

12. Tidying up

Explore more moving house tips, hacks here including ideas for tidying up nail holes before you leave. The great news if you’re moving to a new home, is it offers you a blank canvas, everything is new and you won’t have to live with someone else’s décor!

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