We have many different types of homes across the South West and West of England including houses, flats and bungalows. We also provide sheltered accommodation for older people or those with a disability. 

We offer two main types of low cost rented homes called ‘Social Rented’ and ‘Affordable Rented’.

Social rent

Social rented homes are our lowest cost rented home, they are generally older homes or new homes built using government grants or funding to support the development of much needed homes and therefore require a smaller proportion of initial investment by LiveWest. The government grants we receive to build these homes mean rents are much lower than both Affordable Rents and private sector market rents.

Affordable rent

Affordable rented homes are rented to our residents at 20% lower than the market rent for the area, these homes offer opportunities to rent a home in an area of choice below market rents with a social landlord. They are often newer homes that have been built using our surplus and borrowing with very little or no government grant funding.  Charging a slightly high rent than our Social Rented homes means that we are able to fund and build much more needed homes that would otherwise not be available. 

Homes for local people 

We recognise that we are in desperate need of more affordable housing in many of our communities and it is important that our homes are allocated to families who have a connection to the area where the homes are built. We work with our colleagues within the local authority to develop allocations criteria to ensure that the much needed homes go to residents from the locality in the highest housing need (more details about specific local connection criteria relating to advertised homes can be found through your local choice based lettings scheme.) 

How to rent

If you're looking to rent an affordable home, you need to register with your local choice-based lettings scheme – these schemes make the process of allocating a home both simple and transparent. They also allow you to make a choice about where you want to live. When we have a home available for rent it is advertised through the Homechoice scheme.

If you're eligible, you'll then be able to bid for the homes they advertise each week on their websites. If you’re successful and offered a home by us, our Lettings team will then contact you about the next stage of the process.

Register with your local choice-based lettings scheme below:

Bath and North East Somerset Homesearch

Bristol Homechoice

Cornwall Homechoice

Devon Homechoice

Dorest Homechoice

Gloucestershire Homeseeker

Homes 4 Wiltshire 

North Somerset Homechoice

South Gloucestershire Homechoice


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